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Remember When News Media Wrote The News?

"News on wearables isn’t going to be about bringing you endless layers of content to take in, it’s going to be about news that simplifies your life, or as Michael Maness, the Knight Foundation’s vice president of journalism, puts it, “It’s less about consumption and more about identification.”

Can we just…stop? Or are we simply too far gone already to have “media organizations” that focus on the news, rather than delivering a handful of perfectly crafted buzzwords on the latest and most expensive gadget rich people can show off at the next board brunch?

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Chicago's Hippest Neighborhood Calls Cops On Gutter Punks Many Residents Appropriated Their 'Style' From

"I just can’t believe they allow these people to roam freely," said one
Wicker Park resident wearing a $100 trucker cap and $50 plastic
sunglasses as he lotioned up a fresh tattoo in front of a boutique
resale shop. “All of the drugs and booze these guys have on them - it’s a
real menace,” said an art student as he cleaned his bowl while drinking
a craft beer on his front steps. “My parents are really hoping they can
sell this condo to a nice family when I graduate. It’s like these guys
never heard of property values or something.”

Chicago’s hippest Alderman added “I mean, I’ll bet they don’t even wash their Minor Threat t-shirts, let alone dry clean them like I do.”

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Mais Amor

In five weeks I’ve traveled more than 3,000 miles, slept in at least two bike shops, one old grain mill and more couches than I can count, refilled a waste veggie oil powered van by hand, spent 5 hours in an emergency room, met hundreds of wonderful people, listened to four audio books, drove through the tail end of a tropical depression, shot 1,000 photos, drank moonshine in the carolinas, visited a couple old friends and made several new ones, saw the sun set in the mountains and rise over the water, hung out with a smaller town’s self described most famous hobo, ate 30 delicious vegan dinners, absorbed more knowledge than I can currently comprehend from three authors, wandered into a furry convention, hung out at a bed and breakfast run by anti-capitalists, shared breakfast on a train with strangers, fell off two chairs and one porch, took several naps with a service dog in the back of a van, ate both the best and worst breakfasts of my life, danced with several strangers, saw one (good) 80’s cover band, and at least a dozen other things I can’t really remember.

I’m a pretty lucky dude when I think about it.

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Cops To Treat ‘Wilding’ Teens ‘Like NATO Protesters’ To Avoid Trouble - CBS Chicago

"It’s time we expanded the police state further," said McCarthy. "If you’re downtown and not a rich white person, you simply have no right to be there." Chicago’s top cop said that after several months of surveillance, undercover officers plan to find the most impressionable teens to go along with several fake ‘wilding’ plots. “Foiling plots we hatched ourselves is very effective police work, and keeps our prisons at maximum capacity,” added McCarthy. “There’s no better way to ensure the illusion of safety and keep our city as segregated as possible.”

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Hundreds March To Protest 'School-To-Prison' Pipeline

Speaking to the crowd in front of the school, Erica Phillips, a former Paderwiski Elementary student said:

“By sending these troubled youth to detention centers or juvie, it only ruins them. They’re branded as criminals and now their futures are destroyed because they can’t get the education that they deserve. Worse yet, they just go back to doing what they’re doing and causing a cycle into adulthood where they’re sent to even bigger prisons.”

Arrest records for youth can in fact, trouble them for years—even decades—to come. According to WBEZ, there were 26,255 juvenile arrests that took place in 2013, some 20,000 that didn’t lead to formal charges. Juvenile records however, can’t be expunged until the person turns 18, and only 660 expungement petitions were granted that year. “You can get arrested and go to court and a jury can find you ‘not guilty’ and the court record and arrest record of that incident in which you were actually found ‘not guilty’ is still going to be on your record until you exercise your rights to expungement and you clear the record through the court process,” said Sharlyn Grace from the group LAF, formerly known as Legal Assistance Foundation.


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Hundreds of fast food workers in Chicago picketed the Rock and Roll McDonald’s in River North most of Thursday, calling for higher wages and the right to organize a union. The protest was part of a worldwide day of strikes that took place in some 150 cities worldwide. It was the fifth such strike in Chicago calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage, which has since spread across the nation and now across the globe.

Read more about the Chicago strike at Chicagoist: 

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On 5/15/14, fast food workers in 150 cities across the globe staged strikes to demand higher wages. In Chicago, hundreds gathered and rallied at the Rock N Roll McDonald’s in River North to demand $15 and a union.

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What are your cat politics?

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I’ve lived a couple blocks away from a derelict and vacant police station for many years. When I first moved to the block I’m on more than five years ago, I remember passing by and thinking “I really wish I could do something with a place like this.” Yesterday, a wonderful group of community activists with Food Not Bombs Pilsen planted a garden behind this giant eyesore. 

Here’s a bit more from FNB Pilsen on why:

The building’s current condition and its previous use as a police precinct represents the systemic social dispossession necessary for global capitalism. The privatized and restricted status of the building today represents the insane exclusionary social practices required to make sure market exchange is the only medium for accessing the means of survival, political power, and cultural expression. The building’s original purpose, as a staging ground for armed agents of racial-economic apartheid, represents the violence that enforces dispossession. Communities all over the world, whether they be indigenous or urban, are forcibly denied control of their surroundings-creating a global condition of social insecurity.

Great job, guys. 

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Peoria Mayor Misses The Memo On Free Speech

What isn’t funny is the heavy-handed use of a police department to squelch free speech. Thankfully, most rational people, including the Supreme Court, know this. According to the Marshfield News Herald, in striking down the 2012 Stolen Valor Act, which punished people who claimed military honors they never actually earned, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote:

“Permitting the government to decree this speech to be a criminal offense, whether shouted from the rooftops or made in a barely audible whisper, would endorse government authority to compile a list of subjects about which false statements are punishable.”

I would say we can hope someone a little more sensible with a better sense of humor takes office in Peoria after the next election, but I’d hate to have a half-dozen officers make the hours-long drive up to Chicago to question me about my own Twitter account.