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Posted 10 months ago

Snapshots In Chicago Activism – ‘Take The Horse’ Part Two

A short little reflection on Occupy Chicago:

"Two years later – many of those people may have moved on – but social justice and direct action have a way of sticking to a person’s spirit. Some of those same people getting shackled for staying in a park past curfew are building community gardens, fighting to save closing mental health clinics, organizing workers to fight for living wages, creating alternative economies, showing solidarity for prisoners and more."

Posted 1 year ago

During the Global Noise 2012 Chicago march and demonstration, activists mic checked a Hyatt hotel, highlighting their unfair treatment of workers.

Posted 2 years ago

Camaraderie in the streets; Tenderness in between struggles

Jail solidarity means waiting outside the holding area or prison with hot coffee, cheers, hugs and warm bodies for fellow protesters locked away. Jail support means bandaging our friends who were smashed to the concrete by the state with words and kindness, ministering the sunset-colored bruises, massaging away the aches from unnecessary and excessive uses of force. Jail solidarity means writing letters featuring silly stories and cartoons, sending reading material like science fiction, nonfiction, and art supplies like colored pencils and paper.


Posted 2 years ago

Several of the folks in this video are people I’ve met, whom I consider friends, comrades, colleagues, etc. Journalism isn’t simply a job or a career or something to do. At its core, it is an action, one that has the power to move the mountain that is the public consciousness by way of showing exactly what is happening on the ground, in real time, to real people viewing who are no different than the person in the streets. Corporate, mainstream media as an entity is not beholden to the public, but rather to its investors and other financial backers. This makes it our job as citizens, writers, activists, and humans interested in the truth to flood the streets with our cameras, cell phones, zines, pens, papers, and any other method we have of documenting events in order to combat the mainstream narrative that corporate media pushes.

As you can see in this video, it’s becoming a dangerous activity. However, no matter how hard the ubiquitous and seemingly omnipotent “They” try - you can’t stop the signal.

Posted 2 years ago

I took this photo back in October of 2011, at one of the first attempts Occupy Chicago made to create an encampment in Grant Park. That attempt (and another) failed and resulted in hundreds of arrests. This photo though, taken during the march to the park, has always been one of my favorites - simply because the message is so simple, clear, and in stark contrast to the repression activists in Chicago and across the globe have faced in attempting to create a better world.

Posted 2 years ago

It’s time to give the “is occupy dead” or “the movement is losing momentum” business a rest. The reality is, social change doesn’t happen overnight, or in a year, or sometimes in a decade, or longer. Major changes to any system or social order can take lifetimes, because those orders have been in place for generations or longer.

Analysis of tactics or direction, planning, and setting goals should always be a part of movements for social change. But defeatist statements which discount efforts past, present, and future do no good. They’re merely sensationalist banter. Is it time for occupy to evolve? Sure. All movements, tactics, people and ideologies should evolve. But that’s no reason to simply take the wind out of the sails, shrug and go home.

Posted 2 years ago

Hundreds of people, if not a thousand, gathered together in the street in front of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house, sat down, and spoke out against the closure of neighborhood mental health clinics during the NATO summit protests on May 19th.

Posted 2 years ago

Don't taze us, we're with the media

"This is no longer just about whether people like me are being treated equally. It’s about the deliberate targeting of independent press.”

Posted 2 years ago

Occupy Chicago #A7 actions