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Posted 1 month ago

Hundreds Rally, 50 Arrested During Thursday 'Fight For 15' Strikes

“I believe that whether you’re flipping burgers, working a cash register, or preparing a healthy meal for a senior or person with a disability, people who work hard should earn enough to cover basic necessities and provide for their families.”

Posted 2 months ago

Thousands Protest In The Loop For Palestine

Posted 8 months ago

NATO 3 Found Not Guilty Of Terrorism, Convicted On Lesser Charges

Michael Deutsch, Church’s defense attorney, said bringing his client up on terror charges “trivializes terrorism.” Chase’s attorney Thomas Anthony Durkin mocked the prosecution in closing arguments, calling a slingshot Chase allegedly planned to use to shoot marbles at President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters the “tools of the terrorism trade for sure.”

Posted 11 months ago

Activists Stage Sit-In To Demand Immigration Reform

Posted 11 months ago

A few quick shots in front of ABC7 studios from the Anonymous “Million Mask March” this evening in Chicago. Similar demonstrations took place in cities across the globe.

Posted 12 months ago

Snapshots In Chicago Activism – ‘Take The Horse’ Part Two

A short little reflection on Occupy Chicago:

"Two years later – many of those people may have moved on – but social justice and direct action have a way of sticking to a person’s spirit. Some of those same people getting shackled for staying in a park past curfew are building community gardens, fighting to save closing mental health clinics, organizing workers to fight for living wages, creating alternative economies, showing solidarity for prisoners and more."

Posted 1 year ago

Protesters Plan Their Own Birthday Celebration For ALEC

It’s fitting ALEC would host its annual conference in Chicago this year after Mayor Emanuel has spent his term pushing a model of government the organization has attempted to legislate for 40 years. Between the mayor’s push to privatize city services and attempts to dismantle the public school system along with the state of Illinois’ pandering to huge corporations via millions in tax breaks, Chicago provides a perfect backdrop

Posted 1 year ago

Last week I was in DC for the Dinner and Bikes tour I’ve been traveling with this month. We got in town the night before the event, so I had some extra time during the day before our event. I managed to hook up with demonstrators from Good Jobs Nation, low wage workers who are fighting for better, living wages. After a loud and boistrous march and rally through Union Station, we took the streets for awhile on a march to the Cannon Building, where a hearing was taking place.

Posted 1 year ago

Stitching Together Solidarity, Creating A Community

…Because the world is broken. Because shit’s fucked up. Because shit’s fucked up and bullshit. Because things have been so fucked up for so long, so many of us don’t even know where to start to fix it. Because we shouldn’t ignore the fact that the things we’re shopping for while bombs are dropping are made by slave labor. We should do something about the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people in prisons across the planet who might never see the sunlight again. Because it’s more than an outrage that while a nation can afford to spend 8 billion dollars on an aircraft carrier, it can’t afford to help the sick, the hungry, or the mentally ill. But it’s no one specific person’s fault, no one political party or group of people can be blamed for generations of problems. No one issue can simply be fixed to solve it all.


Posted 1 year ago

Yesterday more than 200 people rallied and marched along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago to demand a higher minimum wage. They sung revised Christmas carols at a few locations in one of the city’s busiest shopping districts and walked the sidewalks chanting “we can’t survive on $8.25.” The day culminated in a sit-in at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Pearson where more than 20 were arrested and issued citations for blocking traffic.